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12833 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City

United States

“Are you ready for a relationship?”

Sunday, August 19 9am – 6pm. Studio City, California!

Please allow us to take you by the hand and lead you through baby steps to assist you to feel confident and positive about finding a relationship that is completely satisfying for you. The theme is ‘Get Loved Now’ and I want you to understand that women have the power in relationship and that you really can have a man who will meet your needs and share the three essential components: love/respect, compatibility, and chemistry with you. I want you to get own on a core level that you do the choosing and you also always do the ending of relationships. It is important that you understand this, so that you never settle for someone who doesn’t have the values and qualities that each of you consider essential in your love relationship.

A whole day devoted to yourself that will guarantee that you are ready to move forward and meet the man of your dreams.

Eight experts will be present to serve you. Every speaker will be committed to bringing you closer to getting loved now.

Tanya Brown, younger sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, will address the obstacles to overcoming abuse of any kind.

Nancy Ferrari, well known radio host and life transition coach, will show you that its possible to smoothly transition through, divorce, death, empty nest syndrome, career and location changes.

Renée Cabourne, one of Orange County’s finest Money Savvy Woman Her mission is 2 give every woman the ability 2 manage her money effectively resulting in freedom, fulfilling relationships & a dream lifestyle

DeAnna Nunez, who empowers women across the globe to ditch diets and live fit through improved nutrition, exercise motivation, and by adopting new life-thriving skills that rally personal passion, confidence and self value.

Peggy Ricks, Founder of First Impression – Providing Fashion CPR.

First Impression is an image and wellness consulting company dedicated to helping individuals look and feel better about themselves.

Doris Siksek Muna, achieves excellent results by identifying subconscious self limiting beliefs, and addressing present challenges and lifestyle modifications. She helps unfold the path of your future journey while staying attuned to your personal spiritual growth. Whether physical pain, emotional blockages or spiritual guidance, Doris has an uncanny ability to get to the core of any challenge.

Jack Rafferty, one of the founders of est and the man who taught me about the main issues that women and men consistently say are important: Trust, Honesty, Communication, Intimacy and Sex. During this time he developed a unique approach as a relationship guide and course facilitator.

Susan Sheppard, is the founder of Getting What You Want, a life and relationship coaching organization created for the purpose of providing women entitlement to the power they deserve to have to get exactly what they want in every facet of their life. She is the author of the book “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime”, a relationship book that tells everyone in romantic relationships how to be content and have more fun, more sex and less bickering.

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