e-courses are each a 6 week program that you can start immediately.
Content and assignments will be emailed to you weekly.

Through these email programs and our coaching programs, we are able to help you overcome your fears and expand your comfort zone to create the relationship that you really want.

Your courage to learn, grow, be intentional and become aware in these very personal areas of your life will be well rewarded.

Appetite with CLASS

This 6-Week e-Course will introduce you to the basics of How To Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime.

Be open to the possibility that you can have whatever you want from the man who loves you just because he loves you and wants to make you happy.

The Romance Re-entry Program for Those Out of Practice

This 6 week e-course will introduce you to the strategy that mature singles need to get back into the romance scene.

Be willing to take the risk to re-enter the world of “dating”.
It’s different as an adult, as you will see.

Sex and Love

This 6 week e-course will help you to explore the sensitive area of intimacy, and honestly evaluate and take action to revive the passion in your relationship.