Susan will start with an assessment of your life to see if you are getting what you say that you want. We will then identify the areas where you are unsatisfied and develop a plan for the future.  Susan will be there to hold you accountable to make sure you stay on the right track!

This is a dedicated and private coaching program meant for those who are committed to the entire 3-month process.

This coaching course right for you; if:

  • You need a boost in your self esteem
  • You are new to dating for any reason
  • You have a broken man-picker
  • You have recently experienced a break up
  • This is an investment in your future
This program offers:
  1. Clarity about what you really want from a relationship
  2. Support for your self esteem
  3. Reinforcement of your feminine power
  4. Understanding of the male and female roles in relationship
  5. Confidence in the dating world.
  6. How to ask and get what you want from the right people.

Susan will be helping you design a clearer picture of who you are:

  1. What you want
  2. How you are being perceived by the opposite sex
  3. She will be coaching you to make better choices in relationships
  4. How to determine who has the qualities and values that you seek in a mate

This is a 3-month program designed specifically for you to be your most powerful, feminine and intuitive (Brave Intelligent Tenacious Creative Honest) self in a safe, private and supportive environment with Susan as your mentor!

Just go to this page and fill out the short questionnaire so I get to know a little more about you before we talk. When I get your questions, I’ll email you to schedule your Free initial call to determine if this coaching program is right for you!