Hey Women! What do Men Want?

whatdomenwantMEN :

I find them to be sensitive, seriously intentional about finding a partner, lover, soul mate if you prefer and absolutely unwilling to risk the abuse that they expect to receive from women.

These men are sensitive, extremely so, to be exact. I think they get their feelings hurt perhaps easier than women do. The difference is they don’t show it. They don’t cry or even get angry, they just stuff it inside and withdraw to lick their wounds until they scar over, and many are refusing to go back out and fight the good fight again.

These are men who have great jobs, have either never been married, are divorced or widowed and they are just not even bothering to date. They have almost completely given up. They have been dumped, dissed, texted goodbye and don’t believe that there are women available who just want a relationship with a good man.

Obviously, this is not every man that I meet, however, personally I can list at least eight that meet these criteria and have quit looking.


It is time to wake up. Get clear about what you really want in terms of relationship, love and partnership. Stop thinking that men can read your minds and become the direct, powerful, gracious, attractive, feminine, beautiful women that you are. Men appreciate women who tell them what they want them to do. Men cherish women who are honest with them and who don’t play games. Men are attracted to women who have appetites for pleasure and women who demonstrate their pleasure both verbally and physically. Men think that when they are rejected by a woman that the woman doubts their production (money, success, sex as in erections) in some way.

A man does not inherently know how to physically please a woman, and each woman is different, therefore, each woman must teach her man. Real men are always trying to please women and their biggest dilemma is that they don’t have a clue how to please any woman because women think differently than men and most women, only have a sense of what they want for themselves.

Now What?

Based on what appears to be true about men, how do men get what they want? If a man wants to be with a specific woman, he must get himself in front of her so that she can notice him. Women notice men because of their presence. Oh sure, looks play a part, but honestly, it’s a man’s energy and performance that really attracts a woman. The most gorgeous man in the world can be right in front of you, but if he is a weasel or a wimp, those looks won’t get him what he wants.

A real man wants a woman who turns on because he’s in the room. He wants a woman to whom he can surrender. He wants a woman that he can tell the truth to and know that no matter what mistakes he’s made or how dumb he’s been, that she will approve of him and still believe in him. He wants a best friend, a trustworthy partner and a woman who tells him what she wants and lets him be right when he gets it for her.

He wants a woman who is charming to his friends, a great mother to his kids and a slut in the bedroom. He wants a woman he can please and it’s only possible to please a woman who knows what she wants and asks for it.

Women really need to wake up and look around. Go outside your fantasy, comfort zone world and meet some of the real men. They have been subdued and have quit playing. You may have to expend the effort to seek them out now.

So its time to take a look at what is not working in terms of social interaction (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Texting ) and start having real human interactions (i.e. conversations, telephone calls, in person dates) so that the men will re-enter the game and you can all Get What You Want!