Do we tolerate bad sex?


Women are afraid to tell a man the truth about their experience of sex because they are afraid that it will send the man away. They are also afraid to tell a man the truth about their level of enjoyment of sex because they fear judgments about their level of experience.

If a woman has the arrogance to attempt to teach a man how to make love to her, then he might think that she thinks that he has no experience at all. The bottom line fear that women have about telling a man the truth about sex is that if she tells him that she likes sex and wants sex as much or more than he does, she will intimidate him and scare him away for good.

Boredom, cheating, and avoiding sex in a relationship is the result of women tolerating bad sex for years.  What is bad sex? It’s repetitive, unimaginative, and non-orgasmic sex for women. Bad sex for men only happens when women don’t experience pleasure during sex.

By now would be a good time for you to expand your perception of good sex?

Women are creative and imaginative. They thrive on unexpected pleasure. Most people love surprises and surprises in seduction are no exception. Stay tuned for the opportunity to be enrolled in sensuality training.

We all deserve to have pleasure in our lives.  Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for pleasure.


Love, Susan

Getting What You Want